Montag, 28. Dezember 2015


How to say goodbye to people forever and other things I learned while travelling the world

"see ya!" That's it and you're out of the door. I guess we say that to not destroy the last bit of hope, the possibility that you always see a person twice in your life. 
While travelling you meet the most interesting people. Some of them might seem a little pretentious, others are the most genuine people you'll ever meet, but you all share the same "backpacker-spirit". Having a dorm bed as your home, just drifting in the days, being adventurous, going on an endless quest for wifi(yes even that!). Especially when you travel alone, you want to have people to share your experiences with, who share the same crazy ideas.
It's weird that after a few days you feel so connected to a person even though you just met them. I have the feeling that you are more open and honest when you travel, after a few hours people start talking about failed relationships, fears while travelling and your deepest wishes for the future. It's a weird but magical atmosphere and then after a few days (or weeks when you're "lucky"(you're not really lucky, because it'll only get harder and end with aweful crying sessions in the shower)) you say goodbye. 
Most of the time I had the irrational hope tha you'll see each other again soon, but to be brutally true to myself I must say that about 75% of the people will be forgotten after a few days, weeks, months. I guess you have prioritize who stood out to you and who do you really want keep contact with. 
It's honestly one of the most sad things I ever experienced. Most people I met before were always near, even if you loose contact for a while. However now I look back to an awesome time with incredible people, eventhough it was a limited time.

Other wisdom from my travel experience:
honestly I though I brought just the right amount of clothes with me but in the end I even had buy compression sacks to fit everything
yes, eventhough your oldschool "backpacking-backpack" looks totally cool, it's also totally heavy (look at the previous point!)
puppies, air-con, free shampoo in the showers, 7/11 toasties... the list goes on
in the beginning I felt a little unconfortable with the term "brave".yes, I'm 18. yes, I'm a girl. yes, I'm blonde. but does that make me special? it does. there are tons of people like me out there and we can be proud of ourselves that we did that trip on our own. when I arrived back in germany at the airport after 3 and a half months I actually realized what I just did and it was an icredible feeling

Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

long time

it's almost a year ago that I posted something. I'm not sure if I've grown out of this blog, maybe too much has happend since I started it. I remember being eager to share my life and my inspiration with the world. however I came often to the conclusion that thing don't turn how I planned them and I began procrastinating new posts. but I hope this will change now. my blog has changed because I changed, but I still have the same passion and intention.
it is weird to think I'm an adult now. because I don't feel like one. I'm still the wallflower dreaming about being like one of Molly Ringwald's characters in those amazing eighties movies, even though I achieved a lot. Sometimes I still fantasize about having sleepover parties with my friends where we make out nails and use hairbrushes as microphones to sing.
I know that after the summer everything will be different. Nothing will be the same as before and I am already nostagic about my highschool time. Everything that happend of late was labeled as my last walk through the corridors, my last math exam, my last everything. I'm not sure if I'm happy about it or not.
But this year will probably be one of my best. This is the time of my life. I will do things I never dreamed of. Travel more than I ever did before. I will almost be four months away from home.
and I'm exited.

Here are some things that you missed while I was gone.